This is a site dedicated to pet owners who want to build, construct, and engineer a better relationship with their pets.

The interviews we present in this site are about benefits animals bring to our lives, including  health improvement, socialization, and psychological advantages. We also talk about pet care, pet behavior, and animal causes.

It's all logical!

About The Pet Engineer Host

Giana Rosetti is an electrical engineer who studied animal's hearing frequency ranges and their behavior towards human language. Her main goal is to increase the harmony between people and their pets.

Giana is the co-author of Numerology for Pets. This book teaches the readers the basics of numerology and how to analyze their pets’ names, including which vowels and consonants pets will react positively to. It is all done by numbers in easy and uncomplicated calculations. The reader will be amazed with the results.

Giana speaks English, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian.

 Final Words

Getting a pet is a commitment. The fact that you love your pet doesn’t make you a good owner. They require, love, care, space, and proper nutrition. Sometimes, pets are more demanding than children.

On the other hand, having a pet will make you a happier human being. A pet give you constant emotional fulfillment and unconditional love and acceptance.

They are alwsys there for us, they are great listeners and never judge us! At the end, we learn a lot from them.


Every pet deserves our devoted attention!  

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